crispy adobo baked chicken

Crispy Adobo & Sazon Baked Chicken

My fiancĂ© is Puerto Rican which means almost everything he makes for us has some kind of Spanish flair to it. He gave me his recipe for this adobo and sazon baked chicken and I have been making it (and devouring it) ever since!  For this recipe, I use chicken quarters (the drum and thigh). I prefer this to just thighs …

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pistachio dessert topping

Grandma Norma’s Pistachio Dessert

Every Sunday we used to go to my grandparents house for dinner. My Grandma Norma used to make a dessert each week too. More often than not the dessert she made was her Pistachio Dessert. Everyone loved this dessert because it is light, refreshing, and so different from classic brownies or cookies. It is perfect after a huge carb heavy meal. …

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Quick and healthy pasta with escarole

Quick and Healthy Pasta with Escarole

Pasta and greens. It honestly does not get any better. If you are like me, putting vegetables on top of pasta allows you to feel a lot better about eating so many carbs. I think that’s what makes this recipe so great, I can feel good about eating it.  Escarole has a special place in my heart because I grew …

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